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Details about your upcoming Event

Communication - This is key to a successful event.  Please refrain from using text messages and phone calls unless it is a last minute emergency.  Please try and keep all communications in your event email chain, which we will start when we begin planning your event.

Contracts/Down Payments - We do not require a contract or down payment unless certain circumstances arise.

Final Payment - A final invoice will be sent after your event.  Please plan to pay invoice in full within 2 weeks of your event.  We do not except any major credit cards.  We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Bar - 2Taste can not provide any alcohol. 

Bar Staff - We recommend hiring out to a bartending service for large events.

Ordering for your bar! - When ordering for your bar, please keep basic mathematics in mind. This is the best approach to ordering properly for your event. Take your number of guests and multiple it by what you think the average guest will consume.  If you have 35 guests, and you think they will consume an average of 3 drinks each.  You know you will need to order at least 105 total drinks or cocktails.  Then total the amount of drinks on your estimated order, then divide it by the total number of guests to give you how many drinks you will have per person.  1 bottle of wine is 5 drinks, every 750ml. bottle of alcohol contains 14 drinks, and each beer counts as 1 drink.  This can help you prevent over ordering.

We also recommend using businesses like total wine, argonauts, and bonnie brae liquors. They not only have an online ordering service, but a delivery service, and you can return un-opened/undamaged items. We also do not provide ice for events, please plan to order ice for delivery day of your event.

Let's Work Together

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