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Dedicated to your dining experience

Chef Brian R Hubner

Two Time National Student Chef Champion &
Youngest Chef ever to compete Nationally for ACF's Chef of the Year!

"It has truly been an amazing journey throughout my career, and I am excited to finally share my style of cooking, and my integrity for this industry with everyone."  "Please give 2Taste a try and I am certian you willl enjoy it to the last bite"

The Start of my Career...   


    A Full Tuition scholarship brought Brian out to Colorado in 2001 to attend the new Johnson & Wales University.  Training under Chef Instructor Marty Rosencranz, he won the scholarship his senior year of high school at the National Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Culinary Competition.  This truly is what began his path and fueled his passion for culinary arts. 

    Since then, while attending college he competed on the Intercollegiate Culinary Team for Johnson & Wales University Denver, all four of his student years.  He was named captain for three of his four years and had the honor of receiving the trophy twice, as well as winning two awards for outstanding student achievement through the University. Later in his career, Brian had the opportunity to come back as the coach for the same team, bringing back two gold medals and the trophy yet again during his first year as coach.      

    In his junior year of college one of his mentors and coach Chef Christopher Stone of the intercollegiate culinary team decided to sign him up at the very last minute for the Juenne Commis competition with the Chaine des Rotisseurs.   Brian turned out to be the youngest and least experienced chef in the competition of which he thought he would not stand a chance.  With help from his coach, very little time, determination, and focus, Brian won the gold medals regionally and nationally.  This achievement pushed his career further than he had ever expected and opened doors he never even knew existed. 

    At the end of his college career he had the opportunity to compete internationally again representing the USA in the Juenne Commis Competition, and he landed a spot as an apprentice for CMC Chef Daniel J. Scannell on the US Olympic Culinary Team where the team won the gold medal in the hot food competition, as well as many others.  


How 2Taste was born...


   After a rewarding college experience, Brian had the privilege to run the a la carte restaurant of Cherry Hills Country Club for nearly 8 years as the Executive Sous Chef.  This is where he learned the importance of business integrity and putting his guests first. Brian had since then stepped out of the country club scene and into the restaurant scene in Downtown Denver as a Sous Chef working at TAG Restaurant, one of Larmier Streets premier locations. During his time cooking downtown, he quickly began to pursue his dream of stepping out on his own and seeing what his drive and passion could evolve into.

   While working downtown Brian also had the privilege of working for a wonderful family as their personal chef.  This quickly became one of the most rewarding side jobs he ever had.  It was incredible to be able to work closely with a family and provide them with all sorts of special meals, holiday parties, and to bring something special to their family dinners.  He soon realized that he would be able to pursue a new opportunity in the Denver Food Scene and hopefully bring a new dining trend to the the city, one delicious bite at a time. 

    2Taste Personal Chef & Private Catering provides a unique approach to dining in your own home and is an exciting way to build a strong relationship with a chef who will focus and cook 2 your Taste. It is a wonderful opportunity to have a chef transform your every day kitchen into a feast of culinary delights, without the mess and grind of doing it yourself!  2Taste was formed with a special understanding that everyones palate is different.  "I understand that everyone wants to obtain something different from their dining experience, whether its nutritional value, to be surprised by new flavors, or to simply have a comforting meal." 2Taste is now available to anyone looking to bring something delicious and exciting into their home.  Whether its dinner during the week, a casual appetizer party, special occasions, or even a plated wine dinner, 2Taste will work with you to bring an amazing experience into your home. 

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