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Cool off with a Glass of Fresh Lemonade & join our efforts to save our Coral Reefs!

    Hi! My name is Lyla and my father(Your favorite chef) and I built the very BEST lemonade stand and it serves some of the best fresh squeezed lemonade. And every glass you enjoy will help to save something very much in need.  I love to snorkel and I plan to scuba dive with my father around the world when Im older.  Last year my heart was broken after watching the Documentary Chasing Coral. I learned that our coral reefs are bleaching and dying, and I want to stop this from happening.  Did you know 25% of marine life depends on our coral reefs.  Without healthy reefs many unhealthy changes will take place in our oceans, some of which can be devastating.  So my dad challenged me on how we could help, and seaside squeeze was born. We are donating our profits to the WILD Foundation, in hopes we can be a big part in the efforts to save our coral reefs.  And with your donation or purchase of our amazing lemonade, you can too!

Accepting donations anytime on the Cash App @ $SEASIDESQUEEZE

   My stand is for hire on a limited basis May-October, and we are selling my delicious homemade lemonade by the gallon throughout the year.  You can also get lucky enough to find us at random pop ups throughout the year if you follow my father on instagram @2tastecatering. We hope you want to be a part of our efforts!  Please contact us below if you are interested in some of our delicious lemonade or if you'd like to donate at anytime, my information is down below.

Help us to reach our 2023 Goal of $1,000!!!








-Flavored La Croix Bubbly Waters-

-Lemon-Orange Black Iced Tea (Unsweetened)-

Stand Rental for your fundraiser or next event!

Rental/Transportation $150.00 for 2 hours ($25.00 for each additional hour)

Lemonade by the Glass $3.00 ($3.50 for PASSIONFRUIT)

Lemonade by the 2 Quart $24.00 ($28.00 for PASSIONFRUIT) $10.00 delivery fee

La Croix $1.50

Iced Black Tea  $3.00

Other Information

-You may purchase lemonade for your event by the pitcher or we can sell the lemonade by the glass on site, we simply request for sales to be greater than $300.00 for the day. Approximately 80-100 glasses to be sold.

Excepting payments and donations on the Cash App @ $SEASIDESQUEEZE

-For smaller events, we can help you set up a fun table and we can bring our delicious lemonade to you by the Gallon!

-We serve our lemonade in a 16 oz. disposable plastic cup and will have recycling on site.  We do not provide lids, napkins, or straws to minimize waste.

-Your stand will be provided with the very sweetest 7year old, possibly some friends, and of course an adult to supervise the crew!

-Please check out the documentary Chasing Coral, or get online and get yourself in the know about whats going on in our oceans.  They are so important to our world and to the world below!  Even if you can't donate, the real donation happens when you educate yourself about what you can do to make small changes when visiting our oceans.  Thank you so much for your support.

Reach out to us!

Get in touch so we can save our oceans!

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Thank you for getting in touch with us

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