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Finishing Instructions & Tips for all Foods

  • Microwave Tip - Adding one teaspoon or two of water to each container before reheating is always helpful during reheating. These sturdy to-go boxes are designed for quick and easy reheats in the microwave.  To reheat the food in an even fashion, be sure to gently stir 1-3 times during a reheat. For instance, if you reheat for 90 seconds, you can pause and gently stir or mix the food every 30 seconds for better results.

  • Salads – I prefer to serve salads room temperature.  And if it is available in your pantry, season the salads lightly with Maldon Sea Salt and Freshly Cracker Black Pepper before serving. Serve the salad tossed, dressing on side, or lightly drizzled on top!  

  • Proteins -   A brief reheat in the microwave will be easiest. If you choose to reheat in the the oven, reheat wrapped tightly in foil at 300 degrees until hot. Be sure to check your proteins half way through reheating to ensure you do not over cook them.  Also, do not over crowd anything your reheating in the oven or the heat will not evenly distribute.

  • Rices/Pastas/Pilafs - A brief reheat in the microwave will be easiest.  Reheating in a saute pan or pot is also just as easy.  Simply add a couple teaspoons of water to the pan with the product and reheat on low-medium flame until hot.

  • Potatoes- A brief reheat in the microwave will be easiest.  Re-roasting potatoes in the oven is a great way to bring them back to a crispy form.  You can do this at 350 degrees for 6-12 minutes uncovered on a roasting pan or sheet tray.  For Mashed Potatoes, microwave is easiest, just be sure to stir while they reheat.

  • Vegetables - A brief reheat in the microwave will be easiest.  A quick saute on medium flame will also do the trick.  Vegetables are delicate so reheat quickly.  And a couple teaspoons of water to the pan to help steam them is a great practice.

  • Breakfast Burritos - Reheat wrapped in the oven at 325 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until hot.  You can also quickly heat the in the microwave.

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